Renovating your kid’s bedroom-four factors to consider

As a child advances from infancy through their toddler years into the preschool and preteen years a lot of changes occur. For one a preschooler (3-5-year-old) will now speak well enough to be understood and at this stage they are developing  life skills such as dressing themselves, putting on their shoes and expressing their needs thus enabling them to become more independent. As you start on the process of renovating your kid’s bedroom, it’s important to consider your child’s stage of development as this will greatly influence your decisions

Other factors to take into account include the budget, aesthetics, and functionality of the bedroom.




What purpose does it serve? The size of the room, the child’s age, interests, and hobbies will factor in answering this question. For example, the size of the room will essentially determine the kind of furniture pieces you can add and how you divide the space. How big will the play area be? What size of the bed will you have? The age of your child will largely determine how their study area is designed. A preschooler’s study area will be more colorful as there will be a lot of coloring books, crayons, and puzzle books. On the other hand, older kids will mainly use their study area to do their homework.

Have a sitting area where you can spend time with your child. This can go a long way in helping the two of you bond more. It can be as simple as a comfy rug on the floor or a small couch. In addition, it’s  important to have a designated play area where your child can play with their toys.  Also, ensure that whatever furniture pieces you choose to add allow for space for movement.





As you are renovating your kid’s bedroom, also take into account what is aesthetically pleasing to your child. Engage with them and get to know what they  would like to have in their new room. Get to understand their hobbies and find ways to incorporate them in the space. It could be coloring, painting, meteorology, gardening among others. For example, if your child is into gardening have a place where they can keep  their toy gardening kit. Also, identify the colors that appeal to them and find ways to incorporate them into the space. This can be accomplished through wall paint and wallpaper. The good thing with these two is that, if your child  outgrows the color, it is easily changeable.




Creating storage in a kid’s room is crucial since as a child grows they tend to accumulate more clothes and toys. Using open shelves in your kid’s bedroom is a great  way of displaying their favorite toys and books while also making them easily accessible.  Having a dresser in their bedroom will provide storage for your kid’s clothes. An added advantage of dressers is that they  give a ‘neatness’ vibe. They can also be easily moved from one side of the room to the other. Having storage baskets will allow you to ‘hide’ all the  extra toys. Please get the cute baskets, its a kid’s bedroom after all!




Renovating your kid’s bedroom will definitely come with some added costs. It’s important to sit beforehand and work out the numbers to prevent any unplanned  expenses coming up. This will prevent the generally joyous activity of renovating your child’s bedroom turning stressful. A few ideas to keep the budget cost-effective include a visit to the flea markets to buy furnishings and working with simpler more cost-effective designs.

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