Revamp your Rental Apartment Living Room on a Budget

A rental apartment is a favorable option for most of us. It allows for flexibility of moving out easily if you don’t like it. When you think about it, there are rental apartments that appeal to us at first sight, only to realise the apartment isn’t as appealing after you have already moved in. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and find a place that meets your expectations. However, as people, it’s normal to get bored with how our home looks and feels over time. The simple solution would be to move to a new place or change everything up by buying new things. What if these are neither practical nor affordable options for you? Do not worry hope is not lost. There are still other great ways of revamping your living room that are practical, budget-friendly and will yield beautiful results.

Change the Furniture Layout

Furniture takes up a large part of our living room and to a large extent dictates how the space appears. Therefore, a simple alteration of the layout for example, moving your couch from one side of the living room to another, will go a long way in giving the room a fresh look. As you are moving furniture you will naturally end up doing some cleaning and clearing any clutter.

Clean Organized Living Room and Dining Area

Section out the Living Room Space

In most cases our living rooms serve multiple purposes including socializing, relaxing and entertainment. For many us, the same living room accommodates the dining area and a workspace. The goal is to make these sections seem unique and separate to avoid feeling crowded. A simple way of achieving this is by using area rugs to define these sections. You can also do this by strategically positioning furniture pieces but be careful to keep an open flow to allow for free movement.

Change Your Living Room Furnishings

Neutral Color Palette for Living Room Furnishings

The furnishings you use will greatly accentuate your living room. This includes curtains, pillow cases and even art pieces. You can achieve a dramatic improvement by replacing some of these furnishings. A good starting point would be to check online for living room color palettes, find one that resonates with you, and use it as a template for the changes you want to make. An extra tip; let the main colors be the ones that will rarely change eg. the couch color.

Explore Different Lighting

Pendant Light

There are unlimited options when it comes to lighting, from cheap candles to expensive chandeliers and pendant lights. Do not limit yourself to the common ceiling bulb. Explore and experiment with different options out there. For example, pendant lights will not only make your living room look brighter, but also more stylish. Since most rental apartments will not allow you to alter the wiring to install extra lighting fixtures, floor and table lamps are an excellent alternative.

Install Living Room Wallpapers

White Living Room Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a suitable alternative to wall painting. However, for a rental apartment, it is important to confirm if your lease agreement allows for this. If it does you are in luck for there are so many options from different textures, patterns and colors. You are assured of getting a beautiful or masculine living room wallpaper that suits you.

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